Neal Schön

Legendary Founder of Journey

Neal Schön was born at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. A child prodigy, at age 15 he was faced with a choice young guitarists only dream of : join Santana or Eric Clapton. He joined Santana at age 15, and after several years went on to form the legendary Journey in 1973. One of the most successful bands in rock history, Journey has been led by him ever since. Every one of Schön's phrases was a bonified hook. Other players work for years to develop just a few signature licks; they poured out of Schön as if by magic.

Neal also formed the supergroup Bad English and has collaborated with other artists too numerous to mention. Widely considered one of the most remarkable guitarists in history, Neal’s creative energy knows no limits. A captivating visual and musical genius, we are delighted to present a wide spectrum of his collection here.